bauer family

What a great afternoon photographing my buddy and coworker, Jim, his awesome wife Kelly and their ridiculously cute baby girl Liliana Louise. I ventured out to Ann Arbor, shot some at the house and then we made our way into Kerrytown. Boy did we find some great backdrops – the Kerrytown shoppes at sunset, set among the lightly falling snow, gobs of enchanting holiday decor and then stumbling on the beautiful new addition at Zingerman’s Bakery where they graciously invited us in to snap a few against the stunning brick backdrop delicately lit by the twinkling hanging lights.  Thank you Bauers for inviting me to document this time in your life! What fun…

Bauer022 Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Bauer023 Bauer025 Bauer029 Untitled-3 Bauer044 Untitled-4 Bauer058 Bauer054 Bauer056 Bauer105 Bauer102 Bauer085 Bauer082 Bauer087 Bauer091 Untitled-6 Bauer092

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