traci + jamaine

Referred by another couple I photographed, Traci contacted me to document the wedding of her and Jamaine. What a fabulous day…these two know how to have a good time. Traci has some serious spunk and Jamaine was one of the kindest people I’ve met. Congrats you two!!!

Traci + Jamaine002 Traci + Jamaine051 Traci + Jamaine060 Traci + Jamaine067 Traci + Jamaine070 Untitled-7 Traci + Jamaine118 Traci + Jamaine136 Untitled-6 Traci + Jamaine146 Traci + Jamaine179 Traci + Jamaine207 Untitled-9 Traci + Jamaine267 Traci + Jamaine269 Traci + Jamaine277 Traci + Jamaine333 Traci + Jamaine334 Traci + Jamaine335 Traci + Jamaine369 Traci + Jamaine382 Traci + Jamaine383

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